At JustRent Marbella we are looking to support property owners to make the most of their holiday apartments and villas.

We will never forget that your property is your home and you will always receive a personal service from us that reflects this.

We are active in the area from Benalmadena to Estepona and our team speaks English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Dutch and German. This way we aim to make things easy for you so that you can always reach out to us in your own language.

Please read below for a more in depth knowledge of our values, beliefs and how we work.
Kindly contact us via the contact page to make an appointment for us to explain our way of working in person and discover the possibilities of maximizing the income out of your property.

JustRent Marbella understands that all property owners have different requirements and expectations from an agency. For this reason we aim to be refreshingly different and offer you a bespoke package that gives you total peace of mind that what you’re receiving from us is exactly what you want.

It is our belief to treat your property as if it were our own at all times and we’re certain that this will be reflected in the level of service you receive.

Whether you fit into any of the categories above, or you’re at one of the many points in-between, JustRent Marbella can provide you with a tailored solution in making the very best out of your holiday home.

At JustRent Marbella we have bold ambitions, not only for ourselves but also for you and your property. So in order for us to back our ideas up and truly sell the uniqueness and character of your property we need to ensure that your property is broadly marketed.

Therefore we have developed an integrated solution that allows all properties that we market to be automatically transferred to all the greatest holiday home portals. As a result, you immediately reach millions of clients per day and never risk a double booking.

We employ a professional photographer to photograph your property.This extra effort will go a long way in helping your property to sell itself and stand out from the rest.

We will put time and effort into pricing your property individually. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach of using ‘price bands’. Your property is individual and there are many factors that go into deciding at what price to offer it throughout the year. We will work with you if you have strong feelings about the pricing but ultimately we will seek to price your property fairly and in such a way as to generate a good volume of bookings – these will bring repeat business in years to come.

Our dynamic and proactive marketing strategy will squeeze the very best out of your property’s potential. In consultation with you we will tailor the type of bookings offered on your property – our sophisticated 24 hour online booking system allows us to offer late deals, earlybird discounts, short-breaks and other bespoke special offers.

As well as offering special deals, our entire client database is emailed on a monthly basis to introduce new properties and special offers. Not only does this generate more bookings it also enables us to bring back a lot of clients that have already proven themselves to be good clients.

JustRent Marbella will, at no extra cost, promote your property through the premier and largest holiday home portals to ensure we obtain the maximum desired outcome.

Over the years we have realized that most people fall into three categories of home owners that wish to let their properties:

Those that live in the area and wish to handle all customer interaction themselves.

Those that have all the necessary people in place and are looking for a specialized Holiday Rental Partner to arrange bookings AND handle all customer matters.

Those that are looking for a specialized Holiday Rental Partner that can also take care of any issues there may be or matters that need attention.

As a result we have tailored our services to three different service packages that match this need. Get in touch NOW and let us explain the costs and possibilities of these different options.

Good question! You will be paid on the moment that the holiday clients have paid the full amount. Typically that is 1 month ahead of arrival time.
With each payment you will be sent a statement. Your statement will list all payments that we have taken on your behalf and all deductions made by us for commission and possibly management fees and any other services. The balance of payments will be transferred into your nominated bank account immediately.

You will be made aware immediately when a booking is confirmed per email.

Anytime! Remember our booking system is always live so please notify us as soon as possible of any owner bookings so we can block the dates off for you – this will help avoid any awkward situations where a potential booking might come through for a date that you intended you use your property.

Yes, we always charge a deposit to all our holiday guests. This is to be paid upfront and the amount of this deposit is decided in agreement with you. In case of any damage or electricity abuse the cost of this will be deducted from the deposit. That way you do not have any additional costs.

Clients are granted a maximum electricity usage per week. This is measured at arrival as well as departure. In case the usage exceeds the granted amount this will be deducted from the deposit and the excess amount transferred to the owner.

We always check who would like to rent your property. That way, if you would prefer not to have for example young people or stag parties, we can make sure these people will not rent your property.