Rental Terms:



Upon agreement with JustRent Marbella (JRM) of booking the client will receive a reservation agreement with instructions for payment and key handover. Accordingly the property will be blocked for your reservation for a period of 3 working days in order for the reservation deposit to be transferred. With the receipt of the reservation deposit the booking will be finalised and confirmed to you. If the reservation deposit is not received within 3 days the booking will be cancelled.

All holiday homes are rented out on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.


Tenant must provide full name, passport number, date of birth and passport number for all tenants. Any guests that have not been indicted prior to arrival shall not have the right to access the property.



In some properties the keys are handed over at the property itself. In others the key needs to be picked up at the JRM office. Please consult your reservation agreement for details.

The rental agreement indicates the rental period from ‘Arrival date’ to the ‘Departure date’.


The check in and check out times are indicated on the rental agreement. For late check ins or early check outs additional fees will apply. If client would like a late check out please consult JRM for possibilities and costs.

Client must always be departed or ready by check out time. If this is not the case this may result in penalties to be deducted from the security deposit.


Before departure, guests are responsible for leaving the property in good order for the next guests. Guest shall leave all doors and windows locked and make sure the equipment and the lights are switched off upon checkout.


Guests are responsible to place SEALED, BAGGED trash in containers provided by the community . Trash must be sealed and bagged in plastic trash bags and left in designated area in supplied containers. Trash not sealed and placed in plastic bags or in designated areas will result in charges to guests.


A final cleaning charge may be  included in the offer price or come at an extra charge. The tenant is obliged to leave the property tidy and in good condition. The final cleaning does not include removing garbage from or around the holiday home, washing dishes or other extra work after tenant has departed. Should extra work/cleaning be required in the opinion of JRM a minimum charge of Euro 50 will apply. After the tenant has departed an inspection of the property will be done by JRM. If the property has found to be damaged and not reported by the tenant, JRM has the right to charge the tenant for such damage up to two weeks after their departure.



The size of the holiday home is provided by the home owner and based on external dimensions. JRM cannot be held liable for any possible errors.


Strict adherence to the maximum occupancy as stated in the confirmation is to be observed. Maximum occupancy is defined as the maximum number of persons (including ALL ages) to be at or on the property at any given time. We prefer family groups and qualified adults. Groups who misrepresent themselves or exceed occupancy will be grounds for immediate removal from property with no refund. Children under 2 do not count toward maximum occupancy.


Campers, motor homes or the use of tents on rental property is prohibited.


Pets are not allowed unless agreed in writing beforehand. Parties found in the villa with pets without approval will be asked to leave immediately without refund and be charged a € 500 fine.


If the holiday home includes a swimming pool, the tenant is responsible for the use of the swimming pool. Children should not remain in the pool area without adult supervision. In the case of communal swimming pools the opening hours need to be respected. It is not allowed to enter the pool outside the opening hours.

Only plastic glasses, cutlery or plates should be used around the pool to avoid that glass comes into the pool that might cause injuries to our guests. Please note that the pool will need to be emptied when glass parts fall into the water. Guests that have caused this will be charged any associated costs.

JRM is not liable for any accidents that may occur through usage of swimming pools.


Smoking is not allowed in the property. If smoking outside, be aware of fire danger! Do not smoke directly in front of open windows or allow smoke to blow inside. Please use an ash-tray and properly dispose of all cigarette butts from the property upon departure. Parties found smoking in the villa will be asked to leave immediately without refund and be charged a € 500 fine.


For guest’s enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, please respect quiet times between 10PM and 8AM.


House parties and large gatherings exceeding maximum occupancy are prohibited and may result in guest’s immediate removal. *Please request upfront information for weddings, parties or large events.


Guest acknowledges that the rental property may not be sublet. Subleasing shall immediately void any rental agreement with no refund due to guest.


Owner will use its best efforts to have mechanical (water, septic, electrical and plumbing) and appliance failures corrected as soon as possible, but cannot control the scheduling of outside service contractors. NO REFUNDS will be made for appliance or mechanical failures or breakdowns. Owner or the Contact Person shall have the right to arrange, inspect and make repairs during rental period. Tenant will be charged for unnecessary maintenance and service calls or repairs caused by abuse beyond normal wear and tear. NO refunds will be made for the malfunction of appliances or other equipment.


JRM has taken great effort to ensure the information on the booking sites is accurate. Owner and agency cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions, or change in furnishings as this depends on the owners’ taste.


The tenant is obliged to treat the property with caution and respect and leave the accommodation in good condition after departure. The tenant is responsible for any damage, except wear and tear, to the property and / or its furnishings, which occurs during the rental period, and is caused by the tenant or others, who have been given access to the rented property. In case any damage occurs during the rental period please inform JRM instantly. Claims for damages found to have occurred during the rental stay will be deducted from clients’ security deposit. In case the cost of the damage exceeds the security deposit the tenant will be responsible to pay the additional amount within a period of 14 days.

Tenant should JRM within 24 hours after check in in the event of damage or non-functioning items. If this is not done JRM will assume any damage that is found after check out is caused by the tenant.


Your Contact Person represents the property owner(s) and will make every effort to assist guest(s). The management of the property is the sole responsibility of the Owner(s).


When Guest(s) violate(s) any of the terms of occupancy, property rules, community rules or regulations, the guest(s) may be asked to vacate the property and NO refund will be due to guest(s).


The Guest is responsible for their own travel/health insurance. Neither the Owner or JRM shall be held responsible in any way for accidental injury, death or damage/loss to personal effects of the Guest. If, due to circumstances beyond the Owner’s control, such as flood, fire, hurricane or other damage, the Owner is unable to honor this agreement, the Damage Deposit and advanced payments shall be fully refunded provided said damage was not the fault of the Guest.

The Guest is responsible for all damages that happen to the property during the time of the lease excluding wear and tear or natural disasters, and including those which exceed the deposit amount.



All prices on the JRM website are in Euros. Upon booking a fee of 30% of the rental income is to be paid and received by JRM in order to confirm the booking. The remaining 70% of the rental sum as well as the security deposit and possibly a final cleaning fee are to be paid no later than 6 weeks before arrival. This is the responsibility of the tenant and no reminder will be sent for this. If the tenant fails to comply with the payment terms this will be considered a breach of contract. In such an event JRM is entitled without notice to terminate the reservation with no refund.

In case the tenant rents the property less than 6 weeks ahead of arrival the full payment needs to be made at once.

Payment is to be done by bank transfer or credit card. If tenant chooses to pay by credit card a fee of 1,5% applies within the EU. A fee of 2,9% applies for all credit cards outside of the EU.

No keys can in any event be handed to tenant in case the full balance (rent, security deposit, cleaning) has been paid to ‘JustRent Marbella’.


The Security/Damage deposit is to insure compliance with the Terms of Occupancy. The Security/Damage deposit is held until determination of condition and content of the rental property upon check-out. Security/Damage deposits will be sent back to Guest within 7 days after departure by bank transfer. Charges are assessed to cover damage, extra cleaning and unnecessary service calls. Please report any problems or damages observed in the rental property upon check-in. Unreported problems and /or damages are assumed to have occurred during occupancy and guest can be held responsible for those damages.


All cancellations must be in writing by email. Funds paid are non-refundable other than costs for final cleaning, services such as pool heating and the security deposit. A good travel insurance can protect your vacation investment if unforeseen circumstances require you to cancel your trip


Client can pay via bank transfer or use of credit card. The amount due is the net amount, hence any bank or credit cards fees are for client charge.


In case tenant encounters damage or non-functioning items a representative of JRM should be informed immediately. JRM will respond swiftly and rectify any complaints as quick as possible.In the event the damage cannot be solved JRM reserves the right, following a legitimate complaint to move the tenant to another property of equal price and quality.
Many properties have various technical installations such as a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, video, television, freezer, tumble dryer, sauna, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, etc. As these items are provided free of charge and subject to wear and tear, the tenant cannot make claims for unforeseen disruptions, damage and failure. This is also applicable in regards to a property’s sanitary installations and plumbing. In the event of any problems with regard to the above, the tenant should inform JRM appropriate action can be arranged by the owner as soon as possible.


JRM is not the owner of the rented properties, but only lets the properties on behalf of the owners and represents the owner’s interests for the rental period. If a rental cannot be completed due to reasons outside of the control of JRM, JRM is entitled to cancel the lease and refund any money already paid. If suitable JRM may in such an event offer an alternative property to the tenant in the same area and at the same price. The tenant may then choose to accept or not accept this alternative.


Spanish law is applicable and the law of the jurisdiction in which the holiday home is located.